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5 Tips to Maximize your Fishing Results with Waterproof Tackle Boxes

Are you spending too much time fishing without achieving the desired results?

Fishing in the wrong place at the wrong time often doesn't make much sense, aside from spending some time in the beautiful outdoors waterproof tackle boxes.

In this article we would like to help you maximize your fishing results while optimizing your fishing time.

Here are 5 tips you can consider in order to be more successful in your fishing:

1. be aware of water and weather conditions!

In cloudy and misty weather predatory fish are not easily seen by bait fish. This often makes their attacks successful. Don't miss a chance to fish in such conditions - it will be easier to entice predatory fish to bite your lure.

At dawn and dusk, you will witness many predatory fish attacking smaller fish. The predators are active and searching for food. Therefore, this time of the day significantly favors fishing.

Furthermore, after a short spring or summer rain, habitually you will enjoy very good weather conditions for fishing. The fish come up to the surface and along the edge to feed. This is a very appropriate moment to catch them on your lure.

After heavy rains, the water in rivers with strong and medium-strength currents becomes muddy due to the soil, sand and pebbles. Fish’s gills get clogged up, so they strive to find quieter waters and reduce their activity. Until the water and weather becomes calm again, the conditions for fishing are not favorable. In the sea the fish migrate to deeper waters.

In sunny days and clear waters predatory fish decrease their feeding activity. The sunlight is easily reflected in their scales, which makes them visible for bait fish. So, predatory fish do not waste their energy to attack, but save it for a more suitable time. Nevertheless, if you decide to try your luck in such conditions, choose your lure carefully (s. Point 4).

One of the most important factors that affects fish's behavior and feeding is the moon. During the full moon phase, independent of the weather conditions, fish significantly decrease their activity. On the contrary, in the last quarter moon phase and during a new moon, the fish feed frequently, which provides good conditions for fishing.

Avoid fishing during heavy thunderstorms. It is not the best time to be fishing. What is more, carbon rods conduct electricity and standing near water with a rod in your hands is tantamount to suicide!

2. Choose the right fishing spots!

In spring and fall the bait fish and also predatory fish stay in shallow water close to the shore. It is the same during the summer but in the early morning hours, at dawn, and in the late afternoon, at dusk. Since mid-October (Northern Hemisphere) the bait fish, as well as predatory fish, migrate to deeper warmer waters. They feed close to the bottom and stay there during the winter period.

3. Consider peak fishing times!

The best time to catch fish depends on the species you are chasing. There are predatory fish, such as chub and asp fish, which can be fished throughout the whole day.

Nevertheless, as mentioned above, the best fishing time for the majority of predatory fish is in the early morning, before and shortly after sunrise, as well as in the late afternoon at sunset. Fishing in these hours increases your chances of bringing a good catch home.

4. Choose the right lures!

Depending on the fish you want to catch, and the waters you will be fishing in, there are many different types of lures you can use.

However, we can generalize that the lure to be used should be in accordance with the sun’s brightness on the day and in the colors of the water’s bed.

Bait fish have the ability to reflect the colors of the environment. In order to choose the right lure, pay attention to the colors of the bed (sand, roots, and reeds) and the edges of the water: are they bright or dark? If they are rather dark and the day is bright, bait fish are going to be of a dark color - they will camouflage to hide from predators. In this case, the most efficient lure will be one with a dark color. If the day is dark, then you can bring either a dark or bright lure into action.

With bright colors of the bottom and independent of the brightness of the day (clear, cloudy or misty), bait fish will be pale, which suggests that you use a bright lure. Some Real wobbler fishing lures are covered by fish skin with an adapted natural color from such environments.

All Real wobbler hard bait lures are covered with real fish skin, with preserved scales, which makes their appearance as similar as possible to the appearance of bait fish. Some of them are covered with bright fish skin, and others with dark skin. This makes them appropriate to successfully catch predatory fish in all kinds of waters.

5. Don't let your catch get away!

To minimize the risk of losing a fish, when already hooked, use a leader wire. This way fish with teeth will not be able to bite through your line. This will help prevent your fish from escaping and your lure from getting lost. Search for a good leader wire with a firm grip or alternatively, do it yourself!

Avoid wires that are folded and held by a coil of thin wire; their junctions unloosen too easily.

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